Meet our chef

We are delighted, thrilled and above all excited to welcome our new head chef Daniel Bolton.

Danny has in excess of 18 years experience, working alongside renowned chefs and in quality restaurants. Picnic and Danny’s vision is to turn our relaxed café and bar into something a bit more special. Danny shares our passion for all things Mediterranean, and we want to reflect this in the food that we are serving.


By coming here, we will provide a modern twist on Mediterranean dishes and ingredients. From using the Mediterranean landscape as our inspiration, we can look to countries as diverse as Lebanon and Israel to Italy and Spain. We will be using flavours such as sumac, Ras el hanout to create big and bold flavours. I look forward to creating many fish and shellfish dishes and specials as this is one of my passions. Were also looking at creating something different and special for our weekend brunches, with our own interpretations on classic brunch items and adding our own little twists.